Action at Velocity

If you want to be more disciplined, do these 4 things:

Do you find it hard to be disciplined? You are not alone. It is easy to get stuck in the "I have strong will-power trap"

You can be the most will-powered person in the world. It's still better to have a structure that sets you up to win no matter way.

→Make the alternative painful.

Failure should be what sucks. If "failure" means that you get to spend an extra 45 minutes in your warm bed, then it can be an uphill battle. So make contracts with yourself, and tell your friends. Hold yourself accountable to do what you say you will do, otherwise face a far worse alternative.

Action Items to do this:

→ Pay an accountability partner money if you fail. (Pay for your laziness)

→ Make your progress public, so you avoid falling short when everyone's watching.

→Burn your ships - meaning you have no plan B

Ask yourself: am I serious about what I am trying to do? Is this a priority? If yes, then show up and put some skin in the game.

→ Tell yourself, tell everyone you love it.

“I love running.” “ I love doing pushups in the rain.” “ I love going harder and further and doing more than everyone around me.”

It's type two fun. Maybe you hate it (in the moment), but you have to think big picture. You are buying yourself a future where you did what you said you will do, and I promise you - that is worth it.

Don't do hard things and complain, do hard things and be inspired.

Mike Tyson once said: "My definition of discipline is doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it."

Embrace the worst of it → Run up hills.

See how far you can push yourself to do the things you set out to do. Turns out that you, and you alone, get to decide how soft your hands are, and how much you like or dislike finding your limit and going past it. I'll tell you what, whatever you think is the upper bound of success, that's not even 40% of what you are capable of.

→ "Mom's spaghetti"

Decide that you are chasing something that is worth fighting for with everything you have.

"If you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?'


This is not the minor leagues. Life is Superbowl Sunday, it's the halftime at the world cup, it's the winter Olympics and you are downhill skiing and it's gold or nothing. There are no off days, there are strategic days of rest (sometimes) but you will not have another shot at this so don't mess it up.No one cares about your excuses. Go say them out loud to a mirror. Tell me if you care. I bet you don't.

→ Think Less; Do More

Live an agile life. Take action. Fall forward. Error on the side of taking that one more step in the right direction. You will never have a perfect plan from the get-go. Why? Because you are not qualified to know what you need.You should have the urgency of a busy line cook, the mindset of an ultra-triathlon runner, and the delusions of grandeur of any aspiring college kid launching a startup and are going to try things no one else will do because they simply have no idea how hard it will turn out to be

And I'll tell you what. That's what it takes to win.

If you feel nervous, you're overthinking it. Just go.


If you want to be more disciplined, do these 4 things:

→ Tell yourself, tell everyone you love it. (The pain, especially when you don't at the moment)

→ "Mom's spaghetti" (You live once, act like it)

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