Wealth > Money

Wealth > Money

"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money."

— Michael Ende

Here are 5 kinds of wealth to unlock:

  1. Financial Wealth, most popular above all wealth that there are. This is typically what everybody would think of when they hear the word “wealth”.


Yes, financial wealth is all about money. But money isn’t everything when talking about wealth. It may feel fascinating having this kind of wealth, but never let the pursuit of having it blind you to the point that you neglect the other kinds of wealth we must also possess.

Most people assume that money is equal to happiness. As much as is it very much backed up by science that they are correlated with each other, it’s only up until a specific point which you’ll be surprised how lower it is than you think.

More so, having more money does not mean it will give you more happiness. If happiness is what you’re going after, be more focused on other things that can drive your happiness and set a goal going above the point where you depend your happiness with money.

  1. Social Wealth, our relationships and connection with people around us. This is how deep and how broad our connection is with others. What makes a social wealth authentic is its depth, a rare, indestructible type of bonds.


This kind of wealth is cultured by purposeful relationships. Build circles of people who can be your mentors, preachers and friends.

Give importance to deep relationships but do not forget to also accept that there are times that you will encounter weak ties. Them being weak doesn’t mean it will not help you cultivate a deep social wealth, they also have the power to give you the best lessons in life.

  1. Physical Wealth, this one comprises vitality, our health and fitness. So much as this is the most crucial wealth above all, this one is the most compromised. Without this, it would be practically impossible to enjoy other kinds of wealth that you possess.


Physical wealth is built through a long-term heightening of your day-to-day actions which is broadly composed by nutrition, rest and exercise.

It is never too late to start or restart building your physical health. After all, people say that “health is wealth.”

  1. Mental Wealth is the ability to grapple with life's actual and potential issues. Give importance to this kind of wealth as you do physical. Think of it as exercising your brain with thoughts. Give yourself time to learn more by expressing through reading and writing.


This ability could be achieved through being mindful of oneself, this can be done through enriching one’s spiritual wellness, reflecting, meditating and other exercises.

  1. Time Wealth, all about having the freedom to do your purpose. You always have the choice of who, where, when and how to spend this.


Morally, you are rich with time when you are young. Most people don’t realize how precious time is until it’s gone.

Time is something you cannot take back when already spent, this is why you should treat time as your most valuable currency.

Time is harsh as much as it is precious. By embracing the fact that time is finite, by then we are able to live.

Don’t let yourself be only focused on the pursuit of making money. No matter how money-rich you’ll become, if you neglect other kinds of health then you will only let money rob you of being wholly wealthy.