Interview Hacks

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

—Arthur Ashe

Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be making common interview mistakes? You might be too tense; relax; you forwarded the interview. After all, if a company doesn't think you could be a good employee, they won't meet you.

→ Bring your A-game and concentrate on your sphere of influence. The following interview hacks will help you stand out from the competition.

🔍  Always begin by learning more about the business, the role, and getting ready for any pertinent technical questions.

⭐ Structure your equipped stories based on how you acted in specific scenarios. When you encounter the phrases "Tell me about a time" or "Give me an example," the interviewer is looking for a STAR response.

📖 Situation, Task, Action, and Result would be STAR. Give some background information, describe your role and what you did and why, and then describe the outcome and what you learned from it.

⚙️ Prepare your tales for resolving disputes, cooperation, governance, and problem-solving.

🪞 Make use of practice interviews. To bolster your confidence, conduct a few practice interviews with a friend. Even though perfectionism is a myth, practice always leads to improvement.

🥸  Be a professional. Interviewers make appearance-based judgments because they are human too. A reminder that the norms have not altered because of online meetings.

👔 Be eager, engage in eye contact, wear appropriate clothing. If you want to appear more organized, bring a notepad with you and sit up straight.

⏲️ Become memorable within the first five minutes. The majority of the time, interviewers can tell within the first five minutes whether a candidate is a good fit and look for evidence to support this.

😊 Make eye contact with the interviewer and smile. Start off by saying something encouraging like, "I have been looking forward to this meeting."

🪝 The phrase "Tell me about yourself" is code for "Sell yourself." Never forget to mention your accomplishments, skills, and reasons why you are the most suitable candidate for the position.

🦸🏻  Seek the question for key phrases and provide the appropriate response. When you hear the word "responsible," share a leadership-related story. Tell them about a time when you handled pressure professionally when you hear the word "conflict."

💭 Finally, make intelligent inquiries. Do not pass up this chance because it demonstrates your interest. But more importantly, you must determine whether this position is a good fit for you. Don't sell yourself short. Inquire about issues that are significant to you.