Nepal: Equality & Health

"If you do right things, you don’t have to worry.”

Nepali Proverb

🇳🇵 Location: Rural Nepal, Jajarkot District

👥 Partners: Rajeev Bikram Shah

💫 Mission: To bring stability, peace, education and health to remote Nepal.


To get to there we took a flight from Kathmandu to a small airport on the boarder with India, crammed into a once a week flight in an old war plane and flew another thousand miles to a field in the middle of the mountains. We then rode on top of an old bus for a full day, down a dirt road until the road became too rough, then we took motorcycles for hours till there were no longer streets, at this point started a 3 day hike into the hills.

Our mission was to meet with local leaders and deliver boxes and boxes worth of materials to the local schools, then hold a number of meetings with the village consoles. Rajeev was a local celebrity, and the face of the district to the government back in Katmandu. The area had been hit badly with Cholera outbreaks three years in a row, and in the last decade violence had been increasing with Maoist Communist insurgents taking over schools and villages by force.

When we arrived in one of the villages, after trekking for days through the Himalayas, the village gathered in celebration under the ceremonial tree and slaughtered a goat to cook as a meal for the whole village. There was a girl I will never forget, about the age 16, with two children. The huts were made of mud bricks and the whole village farmed the land. I passed out candies to the villagers and saw a woman holding a baby and they were both covered in warts.

The people had a happiness to them. The gifts we brought seemed to bring them joy. We talked to them, for hours and hours about anything they wanted to know, what it was like in America, politics, and business. We visited the hospital, where there was only one doctor left, for the whole area of hundreds of thousands of people. We met with leaders and local businesses and we tried to support and help them wherever we could.